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Performance Thinking® for Behavioral Health / ABA Organizations

Whether you're a sole practitioner or partner whose business has grown, a mid-sized ABA company that needs to shore up its business performance to sustain or expand, or part of a larger company or investment group that needs to optimize value, Performance Thinking® programs and services can help. We can help you improve core functions and processes such as talent acquisition, continuous staff development, revenue cycle management, client engagement, and service delivery.

As experienced organizational performance consultants and Behavioral Health/ABA business owners, we understand the challenges and opportunities you face. Just as you assess clients before providing clinical services, we start with an organizational assessment of your business performance, your employee satisfaction and engagement, and your clinical/educational practice and impact. We focus our assessment on issues of concern to you, but also look broadly across your organization’s performance infrastructure.

We then work with you to identify improvement opportunities and to set priorities, agreeing on consulting projects that we can complete for you, and helping you address your current and future issues with customized versions of our programs, all of which include supporting your people to apply what they learn.

We do not offer cookie-cutter programs or generic OBM services. Our programs and services are flexible and customizable to help you leverage opportunities, close gaps, and accelerate business results. In addition to our consulting services, we offer the industry-tested Performance Thinking® Practitioner program (which certifies internal performance consultants), the Performance Thinking® Coach program (for leaders and managers), and our suite of customizable Performance Thinking® Leadership Modules to address performance at all levels in your organization, as needed. 

We work within your budget to help you in areas that include:

Strategy and Execution

  • Translate Vision to Strategy
  • Create and Execute Strategic Plans
  • Design Performance Measurement Plans and Systems
  • Take action based on insights gained through Executive Coaching

Processes and Systems

  • Document and improve Processes for optimal efficiency and quality
  • Improve policy and procedure documentation
  • Manage change when implementing new systems, processes, programs and policies
  • Sustain process performance with rapid growth and expansion

Leadership and People Management

  • Define jobs or roles to clarify expectations for employees and managers
  • Bring new employees on-board and retain them
  • Coach and manage employees, connecting their behavior to values & results
  • Lead talent development and continuous performance improvement
  • Develop and implement Employee Engagement Plans
  • Build and strengthen Organizational Culture

Clinical and Educational Practice

  • Improve clinical practice and measurement
  • Address tough cases
Open Performance Thinking Coach Program for ABA Leaders & Supervisors
We periodically offer an open version of our coaching program for leaders and supervisors in ABA and Behavioral Health Organization. This is a good way for leaders, managers and supervisors in smaller organizations to learn a powerful accomplishment-based process for developing their people and providing clinical supervision. And it's an opportunity for individuals from larger organizations to try out our program before bringing it in-house.  Here is a link to more information, including our next dates for that program.

Our Team

With over 100 years of combined experience in applications of behavior science and an unusual combination of business and professional capability, we can help your Behavioral Health/ABA organization stabilize, grow, retain employees, serve clients better, and optimize business performance.

  • Shane Isley , MS, BCBA, ABA Owner, OBM Entrepreneur,  & Performance Consultant
  • Jennifer Castellanos Bonow , Ph.D., BCBA-D, ABA Entrepreneur & Clinical Director
  • Carl Binder , Ph.D., Serial Entrepreneur & Performance Improvement Thought Leader
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