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Performance Thinking® Coach Program for ABA Leaders & Supervisors

The Performance Thinking® Coach program enables leaders and supervisors to manage and continuously develop the people who report to them. Participants learn to set performance expectations focused on the valuable accomplishments that each employee contributes to organizational results. They also learn how to conduct collaborative discussions to develop and support employees' ability to deliver those contributions.

Typical Participants

  • Program or Clinical Directors (doctoral-level behavior analysts)
  • Clinical Supervisors (master's level behavior analysts)
  • Program Managers (assistant behavior analyst role)
  • Department Directors or Managers
  • Clinic Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Trainers/Training Specialists
  • HR Managers

New leaders learn a straightforward approach to managing and developing the performance of their people. Experienced leaders sharpen their focus on improving the valuable contributions of those who report to them. Clinical supervisors use our accomplishment based coaching process to continuously improve the quality of services delivered by those they supervise.

Accomplishment Based Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervisors who oversee trainees and supervisees typically learn what is expected of them in the required BACB 8-hour supervision training. Our program builds on that education by teaching a process for how to develop and support direct reports' performance. It enables supervisors to translate the tasks and capabilities described in the BACB®'s Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline into valuable accomplishments. It also teaches them how to arrange conditions to ensure that those whom they supervise produce those accomplishments as expected.

This unique coaching process enables them to manage individuals and teams while at the same time continuously developing them. It can ease the burden often relegated to Training Departments by continually expanding employees' capabilities through collaborative conversations that produce agreed-upon action steps for development. These action steps can lead naturally to Performance Development Plans.

At the same time, leaders and supervisors who may not have had 30 coursework hours in personnel supervision and management1 themselves gain skills and knowledge listed in the BCBA Task List (5th. ed.) 

Improved Employee Engagement and Retention

Research on employee engagement conducted by the Gallup Organization using its Gallup 12 Survey aligns perfectly with behavior influences encompassed by our Six Boxes® Model . We teach best practices framed in the Six Boxes® Model to increase employee engagement, accelerate productivity, and reduce staff turnover. Our clients have reported that this program has enabled them to become employers of choice.

Refined Application of Human Performance Technology (HPT)

The Performance Thinking® approach emerged from a field called Human Performance Technology (HPT) that emphasizes accomplishments (a.k.a. work outputs), the valuable products of behavior. It ensures that behavior learned and applied on the job is focused on accomplishments that can be specified, measured, and often serve as natural reinforcing consequences. HPT was developed by thought leaders that included Thomas Gilbert, Geary Rummler, Joe Harless, Donald Tosti, and others. Our CEO, Carl Binder, was mentored by each of those pioneers. Over the last 35 years, Binder created and refined simple models, straightforward terminology, and practical tools to make the essentials of HPT accessible and easy to communicate for non-experts.

What Participants Learn

Through initial instruction, skill-building practice, and on-the-job coaching, program participants learn how to collaborate with their people to develop agreed-upon action steps and Performance Development Plans. They learn to:

  • Define performance in an actionable, measurable form
  • Identify factors that obstruct and enable performance
  • Arrange conditions to develop and support desired performance
  • Develop simple, collaborative action steps with employees to improve performance
  • Prepare people for certification, promotion, team effectiveness, or other goals

In-House or Open Program

We deliver this program in-house for organizations that choose to adopt the program as a standard. We also periodically offer an open version for individuals from smaller organizations or those who want to try the program before implementing it organization-wide. We can certify Program Facilitators and Program Coaches or larger organizations who want to save money and increase impact by developing internal leaders in a performance-focused community of practice.

The program's open version is delivered virtually, via Zoom web conference sessions, with 2-hour segments generally scheduled twice a week, with homework in between. We record the sessions for those participants who may need to miss one or two, but we encourage them to attend all live sessions if possible.

Our next open virtual program's enrollment fee is $1,250 per person, which includes between 20 and 24 hours of instruction plus participation in three one-hour small group coaching sessions scheduled after the instructional sessions. We accept purchase orders or credit card payments, and will invoice you, as needed.

Up to 19 BACB® Learning Continuing Education Credits Available (CEs)

Shane Isley, Senior Consultant, and our facilitator for The Performance Thinking Coach® program, is a Qualified ACE Instructor. He can offer a total of 19 BACB® Learning CEUs (includes 3 CEUs in Supervision) for those participants who attend all instructional modules and complete the program requirements.

Next Scheduled Open Program

Sessions for our next open virtual program (12 sessions) will be 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM PST and run as follows:

Thursday, January 27, 2022
Tuesday, February 1
Thursday, February 3
Tuesday, February 8
Thursday, February 10
Tuesday, February 15
Thursday, February 17
Tuesday, February 22
Thursday, February 24
Tuesday, March 1
Thursday, March 3
Tuesday, March 8

Schedule an Appointment to Speak with Shane

We ask to speak beforehand with those who want to participate to ensure the program is a good fit, and to answer any questions. So, if you or your team members are interested in participating, please let us know ASAP.

Click here to schedule a call with Shane Isley (program facilitator) or email us directly  with the subject line, “Coaching Program.” (Please include your first and last name, organization's name, web address, and convenient days/times to reach you in your email.)

1This is a new coursework content requirement for those pursuing a BCBA® credential after January 1, 2022. For more information, see the BCBA® 2022 Eligibility Requirements. 



Coach Program for ABA Leaders

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