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TOP-DOWN AND INSIDE OUT – A Performance-Based Culture

The power of performance thinking can accelerate results at any level, from the individual manager working to develop his team , to teams of staff focused on specific projects, to executive leadership where understanding how the upside potential for improving results through people can lead to smarter strategy and execution.

We can influence your organization at any level -- from the top down, from the inside out, or coming from both directions to meet in the middle.  One of our fans, the retired CEO of a major Korean electronics firm, suggests that there is a “tipping point” for driving performance deeply into organizational cultures.  He argues that if we can enable as many as 20% of those in a company to share Performance Thinking from the top down and from the inside out, we should be able to accomplish remarkable breakthroughs in business results by connecting top-down strategy to bottoms-up tactics and daily operations.  Six Boxes Performance Thinking is a simple but powerful vehicle for getting everyone pointing in the same direction with the same understanding of goals and how to achieve them through people.

Whether or not his specific number is correct, the potential for accelerating organizational results through Six Boxes Performance Thinking is clear.  We hope that our clients will see, step-by-step, no matter where they first decide to introduce Six Boxes Performance Thinking, that creating a community of shared thinking and results-oriented action offers the enormous power of connecting people to business results.

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