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TESTIMONIALS: What Our Users Say

Here is what some of our clients say after attending a workshop or using our tools. Since many ask for confidentiality, we include only their title. We will gladly provide references upon request.

What Senior Executives Say

If I can’t fit what I’m about to do as an executive or manager into the Six Boxes Model, then I don’t do it. This model, and the understanding I’ve gained about the factors that drive successful performance, are central to my management and leadership approach.
Sr. Vice President of Sales

I think the power of the Six Boxes is, among other things, its ability to name, categorize and make visible the required elements to success.
Sr. Vice President / Chief Learning Officer

When you share this language, you get alignment and the momentum takes off. Things start happening before you finish a sentence!
Vice President of Finance

If CEOs study the Six Boxes Model, they will appreciate it very much. It is a perfect next step for developing executives and managers.
Executive Vice President

If you’re good at this, your employees are getting promoted.
Executive Vice President

What I really like about the Six Boxes Model is that it is very grounded and practical.

What Managers & Team Leaders Say

Using the Six Boxes model as the structure for my skip level meetings with staff made the whole experience more valuable because we discussed concerns that make a real difference in individual performance and team productivity.
Senior IT Manager

It makes me think more broadly. As an engineer I just want to fix the problem, but as a Lead I know I need to address how we're evolving as a team and I can only do that with the Six Boxes.
Engineering Team Leader

Any problem that I have to solve, it gives me a process or a system to solve it.
Director of Sales Operations

My aha moment came when I connected the Six Boxes model with my search for a way to improve my department's productivity and effectiveness.
Director of IT

The workshop is an excellent, concrete example of executive management’s commitment to making our company an excellent one through employee development.
Product Development Manager

What Performance Professionals Say

We have adopted The Six Boxes Approach as a foundation element in our overall performance development effort. We recommend it to any organization interested in developing a performance-driven business culture.
Director of Organizational Effectiveness

I’ve done far less training and far more consultation around performance since using the Six Boxes – and getting better results.
Internal Performance Consultant

Tom Gilbert said that the value of a thing can be measured by how it meets 3 criteria: parsimony, elegance, and utility. To me the Six Boxes embodies these criteria.
Director of Learning and Performance

It’s visual and it’s visible. It gets you right down to the heart of the issue. It shows you how to think from an investment perspective, how to pick the low-hanging fruit for the most impact.
Internal Performance Consultant

The first thing we noticed was that we could have meaningful conversations about performance. Then we discovered we could have those conversations with people at all levels outside our organization and make much faster progress.
Director of Learning and Development

It allows me to quickly change the status quo and then get things moving.
Internal Performance Consultant

It's hard to argue with because it's all there, and people know what everything means.
Training Manager

I attended a course of another company who had a beautiful, detailed model for understanding performance. But you needed a PhD to understand it! It was painful…
Performance Specialist

“We’re implementing the Six Boxes approach across our global organization. Although our primary focus has been on performance improvement through employee development, many managers are using the Six Boxes Customer Diagram and Performance Description Worksheet as a way to clearly communicate expectations to their teams. They’re also using the Six Boxes Model for skip-level meetings and performance analysis. It’s amazing how performance thinking is starting to take hold from our executive team down to front-line managers. We’re seeing a big pay-off in terms of employee satisfaction and manager performance.”
Director of Organizational Development




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