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1. Tell us about your job:
     Other – please describe in final question comments box
     Process Improvement Professional (Six Sigma - Lean - etc.)
     Organizational Excellence Professional (OE)
     Organizational Development Professional (OD)
     Performance Consultant
     Training or HRD Professional
     Human Resources Generalist
     Human Resources Executive or Manager
     Team Leader
     Business Manager
     Executive leader
     External Consultant
2. What experience do you have with The Six Boxes Approach?
     Have read about The Six Boxes
     Have attended a brief Six Boxes presentation (in person or webinar)
     Have completed a Six Boxes Program – check all that apply in next question
3. If you have completed a six box program, which ones did you complete?
     Other – please describe in final question comments box
     Six Boxes Management Development Program
     Six Boxes Application Program
     Introduction to Performance Thinking
4. What resources would be most valuable to you if provided via this web site – rate from most valuable to least valuable
     Electronic versions of Six Boxes forms and templates
     Database of examples using the Six Boxes forms
     Lists of work outputs and criteria from many different job functions
     Communication forum or other tool for asking questions and discussion
     “How-to” video and audio clips
     Wiki or other online compendium of best practices
     Other forms of online communication and collaboration – please describe
     Access to and collaboration with other users
5. Please provide any additional comments that you think would help us build a community you’d want to be part of.
(cAse SeNSItivE!)


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