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Business researchers claim that very few strategic plans are fully executed, and that the process of translating strategic objectives into executable programs and initiatives is often fuzzy and ineffective.  The question for those responsible for implementing strategy is: How do we get it done through people?

The first step is to link business goals to human performance requirements. The logic of the Performance Chain provides a perfect vehicle for this phase of strategic planning.  By using the Performance Chain, often expanded with a more detailed Organization Map , we can work backwards from the products and services that the organization exchanges with its customers and suppliers, and that internal functions within the organization must provide to one another, to the level of teams and individuals within the organization and what their contributions must be in order to achieve the desired outcomes.  By clarifying this map from desired results to performance requirements, we define successful execution.  When the requirements are clear, we can use The Six Boxes Model to understand and plan for how we will enable participating teams and individuals to  make their necessary contributions.  The Performance Improvement Logic then provides steps for planning, measuring, and adjusting execution, as needed.

When combined with strategic planning tools and processes, The Six Boxes Approach offers a practical yet flexible means of planning and implementing programs and initiatives so that teams and individuals can make required contributions to strategy execution.  This approach empowers business planning with the application of behavior science.

Strategy execution and other forms of implementation planning are common applications for participants in Six Boxes Management Development and Application Programs.  Formulation and execution of strategy are the focus of Performance Strategy Planning Sessions for senior managers, and we can provide executive coaching for individual leaders and teams interested in this application.

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