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Performance Thinking combines 5 elements in a unique and powerful strategy for improving productivity and profitability in organizations while strengthening employee engagement. Plain language and simple visual models enable employees at all levels and in all functions to rapidly learn and share what is known from research and real world experience to continuously improve performance and maximize return on your investments in people. The elements are best understood in sequential order.

1.The Performance Chain

The Performance Chain

Connect behavior with business results to engage employees and focus them on the most valuable activities and work products. MORE

2. The Six Boxes Model

The Six Boxes Model

Identify all possible influences on human behavior to ensure balance, integration, and the highest return on your investments in people. MORE

3. Performance Improvement Logic

Performance Improvement Logic

Show people how to analyze and improve performance in any situation with a series of simple steps that leads to better results. This is what we call performance thinkingMORE

4. Many Users and Applications

Many Users and Applications

Deploy this easy-to-communicate approach across the organization to overcome the barriers that prevent consistent execution of strategies and tactics. MORE

5. Top Down and Inside Out

Top Down and Inside Out

Build a culture of accelerated performance improvement throughout your organization.  MORE

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