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Performance Thinking® LEADERSHIP MODULES

The Performance Thinking® Coach program lays down a simple foundation for leaders and managers, enabling them to use the models and process of Performance Thinking to identify opportunities for development in their people and provide ongoing coaching 1:1 for them to expand and improve their capability as individual contributors.  The program has the potential for driving agile talent development through a regular cadence of coaching of individuals by those who manage and lead them.

Our Performance Thinking® Leadership Modules  build on the foundation established by our accomplishment based coaching program, enabling leaders to apply Performance Thinking to drive continuous performance improvement as they take on responsibility for groups, departments, business units or whole enterprises.

The modules can be selected, customized, and sequenced to meet the needs of each organization or group of leaders, and cover applications such as:

  • Leading Continuous Talent Development
  • Aligning People Performance with Business Results
  • Managing Performance in Processes
  • Creating Employee Engagement Plans
  • Executing Strategy Through People
  • Planning for Implementation / Change Management
  • Ensuring Positive Performance Management
  • Using Skip Level Meetings to Improve Management Practices
  • Enabling Best Practices in Sales Performance
  • and more...
These programs involve brief virtual sessions with hands-on assignments in between, and feedback plus collective learning in follow-up sessions.  Over time, these modules have the potential for creating a strong, continuously improving performance-based management and leadership culture, based on the shared language and thought processes of Performance Thinking.
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