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In most organizations, there is significant upside potential for investing in human performance to improve business results.  The ROI can be huge. The purpose of Performance Strategy Planning is to help you make the best investment decisions.

For example, projects applying the Six Boxes Approach have increased productivity by 60% and reduced costs as much as 2/3. While we know that significant improvements are possible in most human performance systems, the outcome can be greater when an organization takes a more strategic approach, deciding the best places to invest first.


This program helps senior managers:

  • Understand and communicate about performance in simple, direct, powerful ways
  • Make best use of currently available human resources, systems, processes, and tools
  • Make smarter decisions about new investments in organizational performance
  • Envision and implement more powerful change management programs and strategies
  • Drive a performance-based culture from the top down and from the inside out
  • Decide on specific initiatives or programs to improve performance


This program is typically a one-day workshop, but it can be adjusted to meet your specific needs and interests. 

The first segment begins with an overview of challenges and opportunities for improving performance across the organization, based on the previously completed Discovery and Configuration process and on further input from participants. Following that is a discussion of how executive leaders can use performance thinking to establish or strengthen a performance-based organizational culture and make smart investments in people.  Participants learn the plain English language and models of The Six Boxes Approach as communication tools to facilitate strategic and tactical discussions concerning individual, departmental and cross-organizational performance.

The second segment helps executives to decide where in the organization they might achieve the greatest results by introducing The Six Boxes Approach to management and/or functional support organizations, reviewing the range of possible applications and results.  The outcome is a list of opportunities, suggestions for further investigation, and next steps.

Organizational Mapping

An optional component of this program is a draft Organization Map, developed in advance to facilitate discussion during the meeting.  Using an organization map as the focus of discussion among senior managers can produce new insights and suggest new options for improving organizational performance, fostering an unusual degree of engagement and lively discussion about organizational performance strategy.

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