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We’ve connected people to results (the Performance Chain) and provided a way to look at the whole picture of what influences behavior (the Six Boxes Model). With the Performance Improvement Logic, we provide a straightforward 7-step logic for thinking through performance challenges and opportunities.

There are many models, algorithms and methodologies for improving performance in organizations. While most of them involve some kind of problem-solving logic, the wide array and variation in these methodologies can be confusing, intimidating, and hard to learn. For years, experienced human performance improvement professionals have come to us with quiet sighs of relief because we make performance improvement easy to understand and communicate, and relatively straightforward to adopt and teach to others.  As a result, we can introduce Six Boxes Performance Thinking into organizations with relatively rapid uptake and quick impact. 

From application to application, and depending on the situation, applying Performance Improvement Logic may be formal and complex, or informal and simple. The beauty of this logic is that it can be adapted to meet the needs and resources of varied users, supporting a planning process for any situation.  When shared across the organization, this logic, or way of thinking, drives cooperation, collaboration, and alignment.  We provide tools, techniques and coaching that allow anyone to apply the Performance Improvement Logic in their work.

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