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Get Out of the Training Box!

A New White Paper


Get Out of the Training Box!

From Training and Development to Performance Improvement with the Six Boxes Approach

Learning professionals in many organizations are involved in the transition from training and development to performance improvement, often aspiring to be performance consultants. We seek to add measurable value to the organizations we serve, to help accelerate business results through people. But for many reasons, we often get “stuck in the training box” – unable to apply what we discover to help align and coordinate all the factors, including training, that affect employee performance.

Optimizing Sales Performance

A New White Paper


Optimizing Sales Performance: Defining, Supporting & Managing Your Best Practices Sales Process with the Six Boxes® Approach

While companies have traditionally invested large sums to educate and train their sales people, they have not always reaped the best possible returns on those investments.  One of the most common areas of weakness is that sales pipelines, as defined in many companies, comprise a series of completed activities, not defined outcomes or accomplishments. This white paper describes how to more effectively define the sales process to leverage what you identify as best practices among successful sales people, and then addresses the challenge of deciding how to allocate precious resources, and what combinations of enablers to choose.


The Cobbler's Children

A New Article


The Cobbler's Children: Improving Performance Improvement at Amerigroup

by LaToya M. Gilbert, Scott Weersing, Susan Patterson, Lisa Renee Fisher, & Carl Binder

A new article that describes how an internal performance improvement group at Amerigroup used their  technology to improve their own performance.

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