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Those in management and leadership roles must know how to clarify performance expectations, communicate how those expectations connect to desired organizational results, and arrange conditions to support optimal performance in their people.  In the best organizations, leadership and management combine the art of personal influence with the science of human performance.

The Six Boxes Approach, when taught in a lean and practical way, gives leaders and managers new insights about performance and empowers them with easy-to-use tools for helping others to succeed.  Applying an understanding of the Performance Chain, they define performance objectives for teams and individuals in ways that give everyone a direct line of sight from daily activities to the organization's strategic business objectives.  With the Six Boxes Model as a framework, they learn how to optimize work conditions and individual talents for greatest business impact.  One of the beauties of The Six Boxes Approach is that it can bring research-based tools and methods into practical day-to-day application on the job, woven into the fabric of management culture.

The impact of having leaders and managers apply The Six Boxes Approach on a daily basis can be significant, with increases in productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction. When  they partner with HR, HRD, process improvement and other performance professionals using the same approach, leaders and managers can build sustainable improvements in individual and organizational performance.

Six Boxes Management Development programs teach the essentials of performance-based management and leadership, and provide a conceptual framework for tying together skills, knowledge and tools taught in optional management and leadership development modules and programs that organizations already own or have developed.  In The Six Boxes Application Program, performance professionals can learn to design and implement programs for improving leadership and management performance in their organizations.

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