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SIX BOXES Keynotes & employee events

The principles of performance thinking can provide a valuable kick-off to a learning event, thoughtful insight for a management or leadership conference, or help create a shared view of performance for a company-wide development retreat

Dr. Carl Binder, Co-Founder of The Performance Thinking Network, and some of our more experienced colleagues, are available for presentations at internal corporate events, educational conferences, training kick-offs, sales meetings, executive briefings, and university programs. They are available to present talks or webinars from one to three hours in length or customized short workshops. The content can be tailored to your theme or topic, or part of our standard offerings.

Carl Binder

Dr. Carl Binder is an energetic and compelling speaker who brings passion and infectious enthusiasm to audiences worldwide.  Those who attend his presentations always come away with practical new ideas and perspectives about human performance and how we can change organizational culture, employee engagement, and business results.  He brings a unique perspective, based on both scholarly research and decades of work in organizations that uses down-to-earth examples to illustrate principles from behavior science. His many years of consulting experience provide stories and anecdotes to stimulate thinking and generate those Aha! moments.  Audiences have rated him as among best presenters year after year at conferences because the content is useful, it's intelligent, and it applies directly to their lives.

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