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The purpose of Introduction to Performance Thinking is to introduce in one day – to anyone and everyone – the basic models and language of performance thinking with the Six Boxes Approach, with lots of time for conversation and exchange of new ideas. This is basic “literacy” in performance thinking. 

We can deliver it for up to 200 people at a time, or as few as 20. It works as a stand-alone employee development program or as part of a more systematic implementation of performance thinking in your culture, management practices, and performance improvement methodologies.


This program is designed to enable participants to:

  • Describe performance in a way that links people’s behavior to business results
  • Clarify performance problems and opportunities in a simple but systematic way
  • Recognize and configure combinations of factors to accelerate needed behavior
  • Talk about performance using simple visual models and plain English language


This one-day workshop uses lecture-discussion, structured interaction, job aids, and practice to teach participants key concepts, enable them to share examples, gain new insights, and learn a new language for understanding and improving performance.  When participants come from different functional groups or departments in an organization (line managers, support staff, process improvement, etc.), this session enables them to begin speaking together in plain English about challenges and opportunities, and creating solutions for day-to-day and systemic performance problems. 

For more details, download our Introduction to Performance Thinking product sheet.

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