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Performance Thinking® Individual Development

The Six Boxes® Model gives individuals a way to ask for what they need, to proactively plan their own development, and to become self-directed on their career and personal development paths.

We recommend that organizations that want to put development in the hands of their employees discuss with us how best to customize our tools and performance development process to teach their people how to take control of their own destiny.

Our Coach-Manage-Lead programs encourage those who manage and lead people to collaborate with them as they pinpoint accomplishments for development or improvement and discuss possible action steps for accelerating performance. This is not something that managers or leaders “do to their people.” It’s a process for continuous individual improvement, at the point of performance.

Going one step further, our Six Boxes® Individual Self Development framework hands all or part of performance development planning over to the individual, sometimes in an organization where there is a mix of self-development and collaborative development using Six Boxes Performance Coaching.

We also recommend this approach for organizations that help individuals between jobs, or young people entering the work force, to define their own paths for continuous improvement and then ask for what they need.

Contact us if you’d like to explore this new approach to self-directed performance development, and see how it might fit your organizational culture or extend your current agile talent development efforts

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