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In competitive markets, the success of any organization depends on its ability to continuously expand and improve the collective and individual capabilities of its people. In many organizations, "performance development" is viewed as a solution to a problem, improving a job-threatening performance gap or fixing unproductive behavior. 

However, the best organizations continuously develop the capabilities of their people through mentoring, selective assignments, targeted training, and other means.

Implementing Six Boxes Development Plans, executives, managers and individual contributors can prepare themselves and others for new responsibilities, capitalize on strengths, improve weaknesses, and build new capabilities. Using the Performance Chain to target specific work outputs for improvement, and applying the Six Boxes Model to create practical development plans, organizations can foster continuous increases in the value of their team.  This application makes leaders and managers active contributors to employee development, and helps individuals ask for what they need and seek out best ways to advance their careers.

Developing employees means increasing the performance capacity of your organization. The Six Boxes Approach produces measured improvements in people's abilities to contribute to specific results, and builds a culture in which everyone understands and is knowingly working toward shared business objectives.  Six Boxes development plans make employee development a part of everyday life.

Performance Development is the core application taught by the Six Boxes Management Development Program. It is targeted for middle and director level managers.  Our emerging Career Self-Development Program enables individuals to take responsibility for steering their own paths of learning and development.  And in the Six Boxes Application Program, participants can choose to work on performance-based training and other development-focused applications of the Six Boxes Approach.

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