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Our partnership with HRDQ-U comes with a discount for three of our most popular Performance Thinking® programs and services based on our model voted "the best performance model in the world" in 2022 by members of of the International Society for Performance Improvement.

Performance Thinking® for HR Business Partners.  We're planning to roll our our new program for HR Business Partners, based on analyses we did with several organizations prior to COVID. The pandemic paused our plans to introduce this program, but we think there is a huge opportunity to empower your HRBPs with the tools they need to introduce continuous performance improvement into many of the most important contributions they make in their work with senior leaders.  We're announcing this first with HRDQ-U and will be offering a significant discount over the ultimate list price for this program, since we plan to partner with clients interested in piloting it, with a significant win/win as we learn together what works best in your organization.
Executive Coaching with Performance Thinking.  We work in one-hour sessions 1:1 with senior leaders in this unique approach to executive coaching. In limited time slots per month, we schedule virtual meetings with our Founder and CEO, Dr. Carl Binder, to help executives take a fresh look at the scope and impact of their contributions.  With an Individual Performance Map created during the first session, Dr. Binder and his executive client consider questions related to prioritization, delegation, impact on team members and key business processes, and how to optimize the value of the executive's contributions to the organization. For a few sessions, or as an ongoing advisory service, this process yields actionable insights for those responsible for vision, leadership and execution.  With a standard hourly fee of $500, those who come to us via HRDQ-U secure the discounted price of $350 per hour for up to 5 sessions. Click here for more details.

The Open Performance Thinking® Practitioner Program.  In this certification program, participants learn a flexible performance consulting methodology and receive individualized coaching to complete a project of their choice for their organizations, with a typically high return on investment. We offer this program for individuals several times per year in groups of 8-12 participants, with cohorts starting in January, April, and September, and additional groups when there is strong demand.  Standard pricing is $3200 per participant, but those who come to us through HRDQ-U receive a $400 discount. Click here for more information.

To take advantage of these discounts, please contact us here , use the code HRDQU23 in your message, and tell us what program interests you.  


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