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Program Facilitator & Coach Certification

We certify individuals to deliver our programs. Once certified as a program facilitator, an individual or the organization that employs the certified facilitator, can license our program materials for a fraction of the cost of our delivering the programs. 

Program Facilitators teach the programs using our materials.  Program Coaches help program participants apply what they learn on the job, and sometimes help Program Facilitators work with individuals during instructional sessions. We always certify Program Facilitators as Program Coaches, as well. But one may become a certified Program Coach without being a Program Facilitator.

Most companies that deliver our programs internally certify one or more individuals to serve as both Program Facilitators and Program Coaches. As the scope of implementation increases, organizations may choose to have more Program Coaches than Facilitators, to provide ongoing support to the community of practice created and nurtured by our programs.  Individual consultants or small consulting groups can also become certified to deliver our programs as part of an Affiliate relationship with The Performance Thinking Network.

It is generally more difficult to coach program participants than to facilitate the instructional components of our programs. A certified Program Coach must be able to handle “anything the participant throws at them,” and to help them apply Performance Thinking tools and logic to a wide range of situations and cases.  Thus, whether becoming certified as a Program Facilitator/Coach, or simply as a Program Coach, Program Coach certification generally takes more time.

Our certification process is rigorous, based partly on the behavior of the individual being certified, but more on the products of that behavior, i.e., program participants who can apply what our programs teach and can demonstrate that by producing the various work outputs that our programs teach them to create.  Certified Program Facilitators and Coaches demonstrate that they can enable others to produce artifacts such as lists of organization level business results, work outputs that meet guidelines in the program, descriptions of behavior at the right level of detail, analyses and configurations of behavior influences to support needed behavior, and so on. 

The list of requirements for certification varies with the program one is being certified to deliver.  Certification candidates generally complete a series of three program deliveries, in which they co-deliver with a Master Program Facilitator/Coach and assume greater responsibility for each successive program.  We provide a Certification Guide that specifies requirements, and we assign a Master Program Facilitator/Coach for each certification candidate.

For more details about our certification program click here, or contact us.

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