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Personalized guidance about performance improvement with the Six Boxes Approach, Banner Image


For individual executives or teams who have learned the basics of the Six Boxes Approach in a session of Organizational Performance Strategy Planning, or who would like to receive personalized guidance and advice about performance improvement with the Six Boxes Approach, we offer Executive Coaching in-person, by telephone or via web conferencing. 

Typical topics for Executive Coaching include:

- defining and improving performance: key principles
- connecting the behavior of your people to business results
- translating strategic plans into executable programs
- leading by example with performance thinking
- identifying the upside potential (UP) in your people
- developing the people who report to you
- improving communication and collaboration for performance
- strengthening organizational culture:  values and practices
- and more....

We can schedule brief as-needed sessions, longer meetings, and even executive retreats built around your needs and our research-based performance improvement approach.

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