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Executive Coaching Service

For individual executives and senior leaders, we offer a unique form of Executive Coaching in-person, by telephone or via web conferencing. 

Six Boxes Executive Performance Coaching focuses on performance, defined as the valuable accomplishments or contributions that leaders and their people make to the organization, the business results they advance, and the best ways to optimize those contributions. That’s why we call our approach Executive Performance Coaching—because we enable leaders to look at their own performance, and at the performance of the people whom they lead and manage, to identify and leverage opportunities for continuous improvement, to accelerate results.

As a senior leader, it’s hard to get honest feedback. 360° feedback is often just refined opinion, and not specific enough to help sharpen one’s capabilities. Even after helpful feedback it’s often difficult to find substantive development or improvement opportunities for executives who are already highly skilled. Improvements must be fine-tuned for them.

These are among the reasons that many executives engage Executive Coaches—to provide honest feedback, to take an objective view, to offer a sounding board, and to help develop, improve, or change behavior for the better.  Executive Coaches help their clients in countless ways, especially when the coaches are both business savvy and insightful about human behavior. They can engage leaders in open-ended discussions aimed at identifying issues and coming up with solutions and changes to improve capabilities and advance careers.

But there are some questions that don’t typically come up in an executive coaching session, questions that go to the heart of leadership effectiveness and impact. They include:

  • Do you know how your specific contributions link to desired business results?
  • Could you safely delegate any of your contributions, to get them off your plate?
  • How do you prioritize the time and bandwidth you devote to various activities?
  • Where do you have greatest leverage in the processes to which you contribute?
  • What are the best ways that you can accelerate results through your team?
  • How can you maximize engagement and positivity in your organization?

Executive Coaches don’t always have crisp, reliable ways to frame and help answer questions like these. They are good at knowing how to conduct coaching conversations, but they often lack a framework for what to discuss. Six Boxes® Executive Performance Coaching provides a roadmap for conversations intended to optimize the value that leaders contribute to their organizations.

Six Boxes Performance Thinking Offers Proprietary Models and Tools
We’ve distilled the essentials of behavior science and performance engineering into two visual models and 21 plain English words.  The models define what one needs to know to analyze and improve performance, and to communicate easily about performance and its drivers with virtually anyone. Our models and methods are unique, based on over 4 decades of research and development.

How Does Six Boxes® Executive  Coaching Work?
We begin by offering a brief overview of the simple Performance Thinking models and language, and then dive into discussion about the executive’s valuable contributions.  As the process unfolds, we look closely at direct reports, teams, processes and organizations, seeking opportunities to accelerate business results through the performance of those people. This may evolve into an ongoing dialog that clarifies and prioritizes the value that executives and their teams deliver, and seeks to continuously improve productivity and engagement across the enterprise.

How Can I Check it Out?
Some Affiliates of The Performance Thinking Network offer an initial session of Six Boxes® Executive Performance Coaching free of charge. This offers a no risk opportunity to experience this unique form of coaching, and to see its value for one’s self.  After an initial 60-90 minute session, executives can make an informed decision about if and how to continue.

Contact The Performance Thinking Network
Contact us directly to see if Six Boxes® Executive Performance Coaching is available in your area, or to consider a virtual session. Stay in touch, be sure you’ve left us your contact information, and we’ll let you know about availability. Click here to download a PDF flyer about Six Boxes® Executive Performance Coaching.

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