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Six Boxes Performance Thinking can be introduced for many different reasons: to improve management practices and results, enable training and HRD professionals to become performance consultants, facilitate executives through a strategic planning process for making the best investments in people, strengthen culture, and more. You can apply performance thinking to any problem or opportunity, large or small, that involves the behavior of people.

You might begin with a single workshop, Introduction to Performance Thinking, for 20 to 200 people, to develop a shared understanding of performance and its drivers.  As an Executive VP at an insurance company recently said about the workshop, “This was very impactful – especially for our business leaders.”  In that case, our consultants might conduct telephone interviews to decide how best to tailor the program to your company and your target audience.

On the other hand, you could decide to plan for a combination of programs and services to help shift the organization strategically toward a more performance-based culture with tools and processes for multiple levels and functions. Accordingly, we might need to spend more time with you. 

Discovery and Configuration is our way of getting to know you, identifying needs and opportunities for improvement, and tailoring a solution or a series solutions to your needs and budget.  We want to be sure that you gain as much return on the investments you make in your people as possible. That is a part of every client relationship we have.

After an initial discussion, we can decide with you how to proceed and to what depth we should go in the Discovery and Configuration process.

Executive Briefing
Depending on the scope and complexity of Discovery and Configuration, we ask for the opportunity to present what we have learned and explain how we think performance thinking might be able to help accelerate important business results. A typical Executive Briefing is 90 minutes, but it can be shorter or longer. It can be formal or informal, face-to-face or by web conference.  It’s generally part of any engagement that involves more than one or two programs. The intention is to expand our dialog with stakeholders to be sure we are in clear alignment about how to proceed.

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