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Demonstration Projects

The Performance Thinking Network is not a consulting firm in the traditional sense.  The lineage of this work is in three previous consulting firms spanning nearly 35 years of experience, and our models and methods are derived from that experience. Since we began teaching others to apply our models and tools to implement performance consulting or leadership and management development, we have generally not sought large consulting projects, but instead focus on enabling your people to conduct such projects using our Six Boxes Practitioner Program  or have introduced them to our Affiliates.

However, we engage in a limited number of Demonstration Projects to show our clients how they can expand applications of Performance Thinking to new areas in their organizations such as sales enablement, process or quality improvement, or best practices performance analysis. We work with clients to complete projects designed to accelerate business results for their organization and to strengthen their internal capabilities.

If your organization has adopted one or more Performance Thinking® programs, and you’d like us to collaborate and demonstrate how you might apply Performance Thinking to one or more important challenges or opportunities in your organization, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss options designed to address your interest.

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