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Program Customization and Implementation

When an organization decides to introduce Performance Thinking® programs and tools, it may do so for different reasons and with different groups of employees.  We want to ensure that program implementation will be successful in your organization, that it will produce desired results, and that the impact will sustain.

To ensure the desired outcome, we apply our methods for implementation planning and change management when we work with you.

First, we take your target audience(s) and prospective program participants into account, discussing with you how we can best focus our programs on their needs and applications.  Whether we’re helping you develop a team of performance consultants with our Six Boxes® Practitioner Program  or introducing Six Boxes® Performance Coaching and management practices to your leaders and managers, we want to be sure that implementation fits your organization’s culture and priorities. We tailor our program delivery to meet those needs.

Second, we use Implementation Planning Checklists to prompt discussion with you and your key stakeholders to determine which factors should be in place to ensure rapid uptake and sustained application. We want to be sure that it’s not just the usual “spray and pray” exercise when we teach your people to apply Six Boxes® Performance Thinking. We apply the Six Boxes® Model in that discussion, and we agree on a set of action steps that you can take, designed to maximize ROI for your investment in our programs and approach.

Program Customization and Implementation Planning are a part of every engagement we have with clients, and we always look forward to in-depth discussion about how to ensure lasting impact and ROI for you.

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