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THE Performance Thinking® Coach PROGRAM

Our Coach-Manage-Lead programs enable leaders and managers to become agents of ongoing talent development and continuous performance improvement. The greatest opportunity for embedding research-based performance improvement in your organization is to enable all those who coach, manage or lead others to accelerate employee performance and results using Six Boxes Performance Thinking.

We see Performance Thinking as an engine for Servant Leadership.  We think coaches, managers, and leaders can arrange conditions to optimize both the productivity and the well-being of the people whom they coach, manage, and lead.

The simplicity and plain language of the Performance Chain and the Six Boxes Model appeal to managers and business leaders who don’t want any fluff.  With a lean set of tools customized to match your organization, our Coach-Manage-Lead Family of programs enables you to build performance improvement “from the inside out” by means of performance-focused management, leadership and coaching practices and tools. 

Our programs are different because they teach your managers, leaders and coaches to talk about performance and the factors that support in a form that is actionable and precise. Most programs teach the soft skills for how to speak with individuals and teams, which is important. But that is not the same as knowing exactly what to discuss – clearly defined performance and the conditions needed to optimize results.


  • to measurably accelerate business results by improving the performance and engagement of employees through improved coaching and management
  • to establish a shared understanding for both tenured and new leaders and managers about human performance and what drives it, as a foundation for ongoing management and leadership development
  • to configure a company-specific, longitudinal leadership and management development curriculum combining existing programs and custom training modules, plus coaching, and
  • to build a team of internal coaches who support ongoing collaboration and refinement of coaching, leadership and management processes, tools, and culture across the organization.

If combined with The Six Boxes Practitioner Program for HR, OD, training, process improvement or other staff professionals, these programs enable staff and line management to collaborate using a common language and framework to improve business results.

For more detail, please download our Coach-Manage-Lead Program product sheet and check out our short YouTube playlist on accomplishment-based coaching .

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