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Six Boxes Change Management

Research and experience show that the Six Boxes® Model encompasses all variables that affect behavior change and the sustainment of performance. Therefore, it is possible to view change management as “just another performance improvement project” using a Performance Thinking approach.

We discovered more than 30 years ago in the early stages of developing our models and language, that this approach is perfectly suited to implementation planning, change management, and the sustainment of change. 

Performance Thinking defines performance from the beginning by identifying the valuable accomplishments that individuals, teams, processes, and whole organizations need to produce, and the behavior needed to produce those accomplishments. It applies a systemic model (The Six Boxes® Model ) to engineer conditions for developing and sustaining desired performance.

We work with you to teach Performance Thinking to a team of your people with a specialized version of our Six Boxes® Practitioner Program focused on implementation planning and change management.  We then coach them through application of what they learn to define, implement, and create conditions for sustaining changes in performance, driven by adoption of new strategies or processes, selection of new systems, or re-organizations of your human capital. 

One of our longest-standing clients, in an organization that employs several hundred certified Six Boxes® Practitioners, has described her team’s work as “adding the S to ADDIES.”  ADDIE is a well-known acronym in the performance improvement field that stands for Analysis-Design-Development-Implementation-Evaluation The S in ADDIES stands for Sustainment. And the process of implementation cannot truly be considered complete without an explicit agreement to sustain changes rather than letting behavior slip back into old patterns. 

We help teams follow up with implementation and change management projects to revise elements of the performance system that are inevitably imperfect the first time around. By establishing the discipline of applying Performance Thinking, implementing, and then iteratively refining conditions to support the change, your organization can guarantee a more robust and long-lasting return on investment for significant change efforts.

In the process, we will show how the specialized expertise captured in various change management and implementation planning models can be integrated into Performance Thinking and the Six Boxes® Model. This integrated approach will enables your team to take a systematic and single-minded approach to implementing new systems, processes, strategies, and organizational designs.



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