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To sustain any methodology or way of doing business in a large organization requires people capable of leading and continuously improving the effort.

The purpose of the Six Boxes Champions Program is to establish a core team of experienced Six Boxes practitioners who will function as change agents and build the language, models, and tools of The Six Boxes Approach into the processes, methods, and language of your organization. In short, its purpose is to establish a sustainable organizational capacity for systematic performance improvement.


Completion of this program will:

  • enable each Champion to successfully complete multiple performance improvement projects, working alone, together, and/or as leaders of teams
  • ensure Champions’ ability to describe and advocate The Six Boxes Approach in language and at a level of detail appropriate to different audiences or groups with whom they work
  • prepare Champions to coach other Six Boxes practitioners who have themselves graduated from the Six Boxes Practitioner Program or Managing and Leading with the Six Boxes Approach
  • build the language, logic, models and tools of The Six Boxes Approach into policies, procedures, processes, tools and day-to-day practice of performance improvement in the departments, groups or functions where they work.   They will work as a team to build a performance improvement infrastructure integrated with The Six Boxes Approach (vs. simply adding The Six Boxes as yet another “flavor of the month” or non-integrated option/tool kit) and serve as the core of a company-specific community of practice.


The Champions Program (which can be re-named to fit the culture and language of your organization) combines three workshop days with 9-12 months of on-going coached practice and application for a small  (3-8 people) team of people, each selected based on their ability to serve as effective change agents, evangelists, and coaches, and their successful completion of The Six Boxes Application or Management Development Program.  Your team of Champions will benefit from including a diversity of HR, process improvement, business management, and other types of proactive, smart change agents.

The program begins with a three-day deep dive into key elements of the Six Boxes Approach and an analysis of the major outputs and activities that the Champions will be expected to support in their the organization day-to-day.  The remainder of the program, delivered in coaching sessions, is devoted to enabling each individual, and the team as a whole, to successfully lead and continuously improve their own performance and that of others with respect to the outputs and activities identified in the analysis. In short, this program turns the Six Boxes Approach on itself by defining, planning, and successfully implementing a process of enabling the participants’ own productivity and contributions to the organization using The Six Boxes Approach.

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