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Mar 07 2018
The Problem with 360 Degree Feedback

Many organizations routinely arrange for 360 degree feedback for their managers and leaders.  They typically adopt processes and tools provided by external vendors, or sometimes execute the process themselves.  In either case, there are serious limitations with this approach, to the point where many experts think it is a waste of time and money.

Here's a good article summarizing the limitations of 360 degree feedback from Talent Development a few years ago.

Performance Thinking® Programs encourage using feedback as an essential element of any performance system. However, we teach people to arrange feedback based on the criteria for good work outputs (accomplishments) and with respect to the specific behavior required to produce good work outputs.

In a system that provides frequent, specific feedback about accomplishments and behavior, 360 degree feedback fades by comparison to yet another check-box item that organizations arrange for their people, unlikely to have much useful impact.

- Carl Binder, CEO


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