018 Summer Institute: Performance Thinking Acrcoss the Enterprise
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Sep 19 2017
2018 Summer Institute: Performance Thinking Acrcoss the Enterprise

The theme for our 9th Annual Six Boxes Summer Institute,  June 17-21 on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle,  will be Performance Thinking Across the Enterprise. 

We’re pleased to announce our 2018 theme, and happy that pricing for our Summer Institute will not increase from last year . Some have called it the best professional development experience of their careersPlease consider including the Summer Institute in your 2018 budget.  

Why This Theme?

In most organizations, managing and improving performance is piecemeal and disconnected.  As a result, it is not always cost-effective and does not produce or sustain desired performance results.

We use the metaphor “parts of the elephant” from the blind men and the elephant story to describe disconnects between efforts to support performance in large organizations. Depending on where you sit – at what level and in what function – efforts to support and improve performance may look quite different.  And they do not always fit together. There are different departments responsible for different performance variables, including training, process design, information systems, compensation, leadership development, and so on.  Often different efforts and programs work at cross purposes.

Collaboration via Shared Language

When staff from different departments share the same models and language for defining desired performance and configuring solutions, there is greater opportunity for cost-effectiveness.  When people see performance within the same framework, they often communicate and collaborate more effectively.

You might question whether this is possible. Our experience over the last decade suggests that it is, indeed, possible.

Line and Staff Working Together

We’ve applied Six Boxes Performance Thinking with leaders, managers and staff in different organizations.  Defining performance with the Performance Chain and configuring solutions with the Six Boxes Model enables people across functions and levels to work together for common results.  After years of research and development, we have programs that enable this to occur, and we’re now seeing the impact that we envisioned in the beginning.

In a global biotech company, over 150 certified Six Boxes Practitioners work with stakeholders to analyze performance, design improvement interventions, and sustain results.

In a large nonprofit organization, Six Boxes Practitioners and Performance Thinking Managers are creating an integrated talent development process, from initial hiring through onboarding, training, coaching, evaluation, and annual reviews – all based on Performance Thinking models and logic.

In a software company, teaching and supporting Six Boxes Performance Coaching for all leaders and managers is building a performance-driven culture that continues to evolve.

These programs create and support active learning communities of practice.

Taking It to the Next Level

As we ramp up efforts to introduce our Coach-Manage-Lead programs in larger organizations, to spread the language and tools of Performance Thinking across larger communities, we will be watching closely.  We’re looking to see how our two visual models, 21 plain English words, and “logic” of Performance Thinking can help to make performance improvement a more frictionless, collaborative and continuous process across the enterprise.

Please join us! Consider engaging us for a pilot program in your organization.

- Carl Binder, CEO


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