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Apr 25 2017
Performance Thinking® Programs Stand the Test of Time

It’s gratifying to know that our models, tools and programs for driving performance improvement across organizations have shown long-term viability, not just “flavor of the month” popularity. They are sustaining over time, and growing.

Expanding from one organization to another:  A Chief Learning Officer brought the Six Boxes Practitioner Program and the Six Boxes Champions Program into her organization in 2010, where we learned a lot over several years about how to establish a strong internal community of practice. Last year she brought Six Boxes Performance Coaching  for managers and leaders into her current company, expanding an initial adoption by certifying two additional Program Facilitators and four Program Coaches. Our programs deliver a strategic advantage for performance-oriented leaders and their organizations.

Embedding Performance Thinking Models and Tools in HR processes:  At an organization where several hundred managers have completed The Performance Thinking Manager, we’re now developing a team of Six Boxes Practitioners.  As an outgrowth of that work, Human Resources is re-designing their talent management process – from hiring and on-boarding through quarterly reviews and coaching, continuous performance development, and decisions about salary and promotion –  all using Performance Thinking models and tools.

Evolving generations of Six Boxes Practitioners:  One of our longest-standing clients certified a single team of Six Boxes Practitioners in Operations Learning and Performance over seven years ago. Since then, they have certified over 150 Six Boxes Practitioners in multiple functions worldwide. The global Director of Learning & Performance, responsible for developing and supporting over 16,000 employees, is a second generation Certified Six Boxes Practitioner Program Facilitator/Coach, and is building a global community of practice and continuous improvement.

Expanding in the Middle East:  An organization in Dubai is completing certification of a second team of performance consultants, and requesting that we work with a third group. They’re seeking our help to expand the effort more broadly across roughly 75 different businesses.

Growing a Global Community of Practice: We’re starting to build an active global community of Six Boxes Practitioners for sharing cases, learning from one another, and expanding applications and expertise across the network. This is just getting started.  Bob Reticker, our Director of Certification, and I are planning to host quarterly Community of Practice meetings on the web, starting in the summer.

Our 8th Annual Six Boxes Summer Institute:  Can you believe it?  What started out 8 years ago has become a pretty big deal. Still small, to maintain that intimate experience of learning and sharing together, the impact has been anything but small. We’re more excited than ever to be accepting registrations for our 8th year, with a program of engaging sessions and mini workshops devoted to the theme of sustainment.  (Early registration ends May 12, and seats are filling up!)

Still a Six Boxes Champion after 30 years: A client from the 1990’s, who was a Senior Vice President of Sales at a big corporation when the Six Boxes Approach was first being developed, is coming on board as a major account representative for us. Our goal is to bring Performance Thinking programs to even larger organizations. He's the one who said years ago as a senior leader, "As an executive or manager, if I can't fit what I'm about to do into the Six Boxes Model, then I don't do it."

Our original vision of a simple yet powerful approach to continuous performance improvement, usable by anyone at any level and in any function, based on decades of research and application in behavior science and performance engineering, is proving itself over and over again. This bolsters our eagerness to push forward as we expand the reach and effectiveness of our suite of programs. 

If you want to be part of our expanding network of practitioners, leaders, and managers across the globe, please check out our white papers on a variety of topics and applications, and consider attending the 8th Annual Six Boxes Summer Institute. 

The Summer Institute is a great way to meet experienced users from around the globe in an intimate, comfortable retreat-like setting, and learn more about performance improvement than you ever thought possible in just a few days. We have many repeat participants, some of whom have described our Summer Institute as the most important professional development experience of their careers.  You can still register , before it fills up.

By Carl Binder


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