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Mar 16 2020
Performance Thinking® Programs Go Virtual in Time for COVID-19

It's a new era, at least for the next few months. As the World tries to mount its defenses against the novel coronavirus, we at The Performance Thinking Network have been continuing to think about how best to serve our clients. Based on feedback from colleagues and clients around the world, we expect you might be prevented from traveling, from attending conferences or in-person training, and frustrated about how you will continue to develop individuals and teams. We think our programs, and our coaching and consulting services can help.

As we've moved programs from classroom-based to blended, and to all-virtual over the last few years, we've learned about the advantages of breaking them into modules with homework assignments in between, recording sessions to allow for absences, and including lots of time for feedback in virtual meetings.  Each of our programs offers opportunities for individuals and teams to learn our flexible but powerful Performance Thinking® approach, applied to their particular roles and responsibilities. We develop performance consultants who conduct organizational performance improvement and change management projects, individual leaders, managers, and coaches whose primary impact is on the individuals and teams whom they lead, and in the near future, HR Business Partners, who benefit from integrating a performance-based approach into their daily activities.

The following is a list of programs and services that we can offer in virtual sessions where there is no danger of transmitting the virus, plus the convenience of participating from wherever you might choose.

The Six Boxes® Practitioner Program is our "mother of all programs" for conducting organizational performance improvement projects. It is for L & D professionals, Quality and Process specialists, OD and OE staff, and anyone else involved in improving employee performance. We've even had small business owners complete this program with projects to strengthen performance architecture in their companies, to prepare for growth. Since starting virtual  delivery of this program several years ago, we've seen improvements in learning and application, with virtual sessions, feedback, and individualized coaching to complete projects and achieve Six Boxes® Practitioner certification.

The Performance Thinking® Coach (formerly Six Boxes® Performance Coaching) teaches individual leaders, managers and coaches the process of Performance Thinking for helping individuals and teams continuously improve their performance. It provides a vehicle for agile talent development, and offers the potential for driving a culture of continuous performance improvement.  Our most common version of the program in the last couple of years has been blended, with one day in-class plus four 2-hour virtual sessions and individualized coaching. Nowadays we welcome opportunities to deliver the entire program in virtual sessions, and are confident that we can do so if we're able to work with a strong internal coordinator at your organization to optimize conditions for success.

Our Performance Thinking® Leadership Modules build on the Coaching program, teaching leaders whose scope of control extends from teams to whole organizations. Leaders learn how to apply our models and processes to challenges that include process management, implementation planning and execution, employee engagement planning, skip-level meetings to improve management practices, driving continuous sales improvement, and more. We can customize our modules to meet your needs for delivery in brief virtual sessions with application assignments and plenty of feedback.

Performance Thinking® for HR Business Partners is an emerging program for which we have done the performance analysis and program architecture. It's being designed as a series of customizable modules, built to be delivered in virtual sessions with application assignments and plenty of feedback. This is a new offering, something we have been planning for years. Since HR Business Partners do not usually manage huge projects, but rather deliver advice, support, expertise, and business acumen in different ways for the leaders and managers they serve, we've created a series of modules that teach the basics of Performance Thinking with a variety of applications. Modules include performance-based role definition, performance coaching and management, employee engagement, performance measurement, improving working relationships, managing business processes, succession planning, strategy execution, change management and executive coaching. We are very excited about this emerging curriculum, and happy to share details if you are interested.

Our services can also be delivered virtually.

Consulting Services such as performance analysis, process improvement or program design can generally be conducted virtually, as needed. For example, two of our Senior Consultants recently completed an extensive Best Practices Performance Analysis to serve as a foundation for training, management, and coaching, for a medical products sales group. We conducted all interviews, focus group sessions, and delivery of our Findings & Recommendations Report by telephone and web conference.

Our emerging Performance Thinking® Executive Coaching service is built for online delivery. We deliver it in a series of virtual 1:1 meetings that enable senior leaders to more clearly define their own contributions, set priorities for time and resource allocation, delegate responsibilities to team members, and look into the teams and processes that they lead and manage to find opportunities for improvement.

Our Sales Enablement System is a packaged, configurable service that identifies critical milestones and progress indicators in your successful sales process, captures the strategies and tactics of your top sales people, or teaches you to do so, and customizes our Performance Thinking® Coach program for your sales managers. Generally, these services and programs can be conducted virtually, in part or in whole.  See our recent YouTube playlist for background information.

Finally, Shane Isley leads our emerging Performance Thinking® For ABA and Behavioral Health Organizations service, delivering a menu of programs and interventions to establish or improve your company's performance infrastructure, processes, policies and procedures, job definitions and management capabilities to support operational efficiency, employee engagement, service quality, and profitability of your ABA business. Shane's extensive background as both an ABA Business Owner and an experienced Performance Consultant, enables him to assess organizational needs and deliver service, much of it via virtual meetings.

We will continue to develop our products and services, putting more of what we offer into self-paced learning modules combined with virtual coaching and instruction to deliver continuous performance improvement and build your internal capacity to accelerate business results.

We hope that you'll consider The Performance Thinking Network over the coming months as you reconfigure how best to spend your employee and leadership development resources for maximum impact.

- Carl Binder, CEO


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