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Apr 26 2021
GUEST BLOG: After 20 Years – A Whole New Perspective on Training

As an instructional designer for the past 20 years or so, I’ve seen a lot of changes, both large-scale and incremental. I recently had the opportunity to learn Performance Thinking, and I wanted to share a few insights that I think you may find helpful.

Mar 10 2021
What is Performance Management?

A recent blog post that was highlighted in the monthly digest from the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) caught my attention, not so much because of what it said, but because of the question it asked.

Jul 07 2020
Focus on Sales Milestones to Accelerate Sales Results

In the several decades that I've been involved with building sales training and performance interventions for business-to-business sales, I've learned about the important advantages of defining sales performance by identifying the milestones and progress indicators or accomplishments that exemplary sales people work day-to-day to achieve in their territories and accounts.

Apr 25 2020
Agility = Innovation + Execution

Another great Harvard Business Review article, The Agile C-Suite, got my attention this month.  It talks about the balance that leaders need to find between efficiency and innovation, particularly in uncertain times. 

Mar 21 2020
Change Management in the Era of COVID-19

When we think of change management, we generally envision implementing a new system, process, strategy, or policy. Or perhaps we need to plan for a corporate reorganization, and all the changes that will be produced and needed for success. Change management methodologies, such as ADKAR from Prosci, offer processes for systematically preparing for and then executing big change – when timing is under our control.

Mar 18 2020
Virtual Performance Consulting to Maintain Social Distancing

As I've realized how many of our Performance Thinking programs and services can be delivered virtually, in the era of the novel coronavirus, I've been reflecting on all the things we can do these days with telephones and web meetings, sitting in our homes or offices alone. It's really quite a lot.

Mar 16 2020
Performance Thinking® Programs Go Virtual in Time for COVID-19

It's a new era, at least for the next few months. As the World tries to mount its defenses against the novel coronavirus, we at The Performance Thinking Network have been continuing to think about how best to serve our clients. Based on feedback from colleagues and clients around the world, we expect you might be prevented from traveling, from attending conferences or in-person training, and frustrated about how you will continue to develop individuals and teams. We think our programs, and our coaching and consulting services can help.

Feb 02 2020
HR Goes Agile - A Classic from The Harvard Business Review

This article is an "oldie but goodie" from the March-April 2018 of Harvard Business Review . But it is as relevant as ever, and timelessly so in relation to our Coach-Manage-Lead programs . 

The authors talk about how Human Resources functions in companies need to keep up with the pace of business change, and that "agile" talent development is going to be the way it happens. In 2018 they were talking about this as a new trend, with great examples. But two years later, it's more relevant than ever.

Feb 28 2019
Why Feedback Fails, and a Performance Thinking® Alternative

A recent article  in Harvard Business Review called The Feedback Fallacy debunks a number of widely accepted ideas about the effective use of feedback on human performance.  In particular, it addresses “the overriding belief that the way to increase performance in companies is through rigorous, frequent, candid, pervasive, and often critical feedback.”

Jan 15 2019
21st Century Performance Improvement!

Iconic.     Well, maybe some day...   It's not iconic (yet), in the sense of being widely recognized as fundamental and authentic. But I've been thinking lately how truly 21st Century our Six Boxes Performance Thinking® approach is. And how it IS based on the classical work of great 20th century thought leaders, starting with B.F. Skinner, whose natural science of behavior continues to change the world in ways that we don't even recognize because it's so embedded in our daily lives. And on the work of Dr. Tom Gilbert, author of that remarkable book, Human Competence: Engineering Worthy Performance, who taught us to anchor the analysis and improvement of performance in accomplishments or work outputs, the valuable products of behavior, not in behavior for its own sake.  Then came Dr. Joe Harless, who took Gilbert's Performance Engineering and turned it into a repeatable performance improvement technology for performance analysis, effective job aids, and accomplishment based instructional design. Those giants in the field were iconic.  And they laid the foundation for accomplishment based performance improvement as it has evolved into this century.

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