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Performance Thinking® can enable anyone at any level and in any function to understand, plan for, manage, and improve human performance. This section describes some of the applications of Performance Thinking®, what different users can do with it, and the results they can achieve.

HR & Performance Professionals

Opportunity Analysis
  Improve collaboration with business managers

Performance System Design
  Expand from training to performance consulting
Management and Leadership
  Improve the impact of performance management systems

Executive & Senior Managers

Opportunity Analysis
  Prioritize investments in performance
Culture Change
  Build organizational culture
Strategy Execution
  Execute strategy through people
Team Alignment
  Strengthen collaboration

Managers & Team Leaders

Team Alignment
  Strengthen alignment and collaboration
Opportunity Analysis
  Identify opportunities for improvement 
Best Practices Initiatives
  Identify and implement best practices
Culture Change
  Increase employee engagement

Organizational Development & Organizational Excellence

Culture Change
Strengthen organizational values and practices
Change Management
Build a performance culture
Management and Leadership
Enable collaboration across silos

Process Improvement & Quality Professionals

Team Alignment
Facilitate cross-functional communication and collaboration
Process Improvement
Improve human performance factors within processes
Change Management
Implement new or improved processes


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