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Our goal is to enable people in all areas of life to use Six Boxes Performance Thinking to facilitate anything they're trying to accomplish. We want to build a community of users and practitioners who can support and help each other apply the tools and explore new applications.

That community needs people who are accomplished at using the tools and methods, and are skilled at helping others. To that end, we have developed 4 ways that you can become a Six Boxes affiliate and certified in our programs. The following is a brief overview. Please contact us either by email or phone to discuss these opportunities.

Please note, within client organizations we also certify coaches and facilitators . You can review these programs in our Products & Services section.

Certified Six Boxes Coach

This first level certifies that you can accurately do a Six Boxes Approach analysis, design and plan, as well as coach others to do so. At this level, you have permission to market yourself as a Six Boxes Coach, resell our products and programs, use our logos and trademarks in your materials, access password-protected online resources, and qualify for certification as a program facilitator.

Certified Six Boxes Program Facilitator

Program Facilitators are certified to deliver workshops and coach participants after becoming a certified coach. You have permission to license our products for re-sale and deliver programs, along with the other benefits of being a certified coach. In addition, we may ask you to partner with us on client engagements.

Sales Partner

If you'd like to add Six Boxes Performance Thinking programs to the services you provide your clients, we partner with synergistic companies and individuals to market and sell our products and services. We provide marketing support and hands-on sales support as needed.

Product Development Partner

Six Boxes Performance Thinking often fits well with other methods and programs, and can be licensed to be integrated with other products or as the backbone for new products. We require some degree of certification as a coach depending on the complexity of the product and use.

If you are interested in any of these affiliate relationships, please contact us to discuss the opportunity.

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