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Carl Binder, Founder and CEO

Dr. Carl Binder began as a doctoral student in Experimental Psychology, attending Harvard University at the invitation of B.F. Skinner, whose writings had inspired him deeply. With an interest in making a societal contribution, he rapidly shifted from basic research to real world application of behavior science, first developing innovative instructional methods and teacher training for educators, and later contributing to the emerging field of human performance technology in large organizations.  With input from many extraordinary teachers and colleagues, Carl has spent nearly 40 years bringing his enthusiasm for behavior science into corporations, schools, and public organizations worldwide.  Founder of four consulting firms, recipient of career awards from the American Psychological Association,  the International Society for Performance Improvement, and the Organizational Behavior Management Network, prolific author and speaker, Carl believes that the Performance Thinking Network is his best opportunity yet for making a contribution.  His ability to synthesize information from multiple fields, communicate complex ideas in plain English to non-specialists, and build excitement about making a difference with behavior science bring an intellectual and emotional spark-plug to The Performance Thinking Network.

Carl was recently awarded the Thomas F. Gilbert Distinguished Professional Achievement Award

Ted Eisenhardt, Director of Operations

Resource > TedEisenhardtHeadShot.jpg by:Ted Eisenhardt, is a seasoned entrepreneur, originally a Tennis Pro who earned an MBA and built a thriving athletic club near us on Bainbridge Island.  Over the years, the Bainbridge Athletic Club sparkled with a client-friendly vibe and smart marketing, plus an engaging culture and a positive bottom line.

 Ted is a great communicator and editor, a numbers guy with heart, and excited about our work in performance improvement. He combines pragmatic management and business acumen with a history of helping to develop and coach athletic performance. Ted is charged with ramping up operations for a next level of growth and impact, refining our business systems and processes, and managing our annual Six Boxes Summer Institutes, among an expanding list of responsibilities.

John Schanck, Director of Sales

Resource > JohnSchanckHeadShot2.jpg by:John Schanck is responsible for business development activities as we grow our Coach-Manage Lead programs with current and future clients. John has over 25 years of senior corporate leadership with relationship management and marketing experience serving global and mid sized corporations. He has expertise in client development and retention. His experience includes virtual all vertical industries including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, technology, financial services, energy, apparel, construction and engineering. John earned a BA from Fairfield University. As Senior VP at Dun & Bradstreet, John was a client of Carl Binder's firm during the 1990's.

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