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  • Fluent Product Knowledge: Application in the Financial Services Industry

    By: C. Binder & C. Bloom

    This article describes the enormous impact of fluency-based training, an approach that ensures true mastery of skills and knowledge for sustainable performance improvement.


  • Building Fluent Performance in a Customer Call Center

    By: C. Binder & L. Sweeney

    This article, co-authored by Carl and the business unit manager of a customer call center, describes a program that combined fluency-based training with management of the behavior influences to produce a 60% improvement in productivity with 30% shorter training in one-fourth the ramp-up time for newly hired customer service representatives. The article focuses on the fluency-based training aspect of the program, but it was a true Six Boxes implementation, involving a tuned and balanced overall system for developing and supervising call center employees.


  • Computing Fluency and Productivity

    By: Carl Binder

    A brief article that succinctly describes foundation elements of a performance-based computer learning strategy.


  • Closing the Confidence Gap

    By: Carl Binder

    Fluency is fun, produces confidence, and brings on a whole host of positive feelings and affect. It feels good to truly "master" and apply any skill or body of knowledge.


  • Promoting Human Performance Technology Innovation: A Return to our Natural Science Roots

    By: Carl Binder

    While this article might be a little academic for some readers, it presents a rationale for strengthening the foundation of performance improvement methodology based on evidence and behavior science.


  • The Six Boxes®: A Descendent of Gilbert's Behavior Engineering Model

    By: Carl Binder

    This article is the first published summary of the Six Boxes Model, with a description of how it can help human resources and performance improvement professionals.


  • Measurement: A Few Important Ideas

    By: Carl Binder

    This ISPI Master's Series article is a quick summary of some essentials in our approach to measurement and decision-making.


  • Integrating Organizational-Cultural Values With Performance Management

    By: Carl Binder

    This article describes the rationale and technical underpinnings of our leading edge approach to integrating organizational values (culture) with operational performance to set expectations and strengthen practice of those values, one job title, process, or team a time.


  • What it Really Means to be Accomplishment Based

    By: Carl Binder, PhD, CPT

    This brief article, summarizes a Master’s Series presentation by Carl Binder at the 2017 meeting of the International Society for Performance Improvement.  It provides background and a precise definition of what it means to have an accomplishment-based approach to performance improvement. (At The Performance Thinking Network, we use the phrase work outputs to refer to accomplishments.)


  • Measurement, Evaluation, and Research: Feedback for Decision Making

    By: Dr. Carl Binder

    This chapter presents an overall view of the role of evaluation in performance improvement, and includes discussion of how the Performance Chain provides a guide for WHAT we can measure — behavior, work outputs, and/or business results.


  • HPT Models: An Overview of the Major Models in the Field

    By: F. Wilmoth, C. Prigmore, & M. Bray

    This summary of the many performance improvement models developed over the years by performance improvement experts makes clear how confusing and complex these models can be.


  • Training to Fluency, A Real Return on Investment (an interview with Dr. Carl Binder)

    By: G. Snyder

    This interview explains the importance of setting and achieving training goals based on fluency, not mere accuracy of performance.


  • The Cobbler's Children: Improving Performance Improvement at Amerigroup

    By: LaToya Gilbert, Scott Weersing, Susan Patterson, Lisa Fisher, Carl Binder

    A team of performance consultants at Amerigroup applied their chosen human performance technology methodology, Six Boxes Performance Thinking, to define their own performance, identify improvement opportunities, and build infrastructure to support their performance. This article summarizes the context, process and accomplishments to date, along with the lessons learned from this ongoing effort.


  • Competence is What Matters

    By: T. M. Teodorescu & C. Binder

    Co-authored with Tina Teodorescu, Carl's long-time colleague, this article contrasts the output-based performance analysis methods that accompany the Six Boxes Approach with the current trend of “competency modeling.”

    Credit: Teodorescu, T. M., and Binder, C. (2004). Performance Improvement, 43(8), 8-12.


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