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Organization Mapping provides senior executives with a cross-functional picture of their organization and the provider-customer relationships within and between the organization and its external suppliers and customers.

This wall-sized graphic display, when drafted at the right level of detail, can support energetic discussion and strategic decisions about opportunities for improving performance and priorities for investing in under-performing functions, processes, or business units. We offer Organization Mapping as an optional add-on for Organizational Performance Strategy Planning.


We recommend drafting an initial organization map when senior managers recognize the potential for Six Boxes Performance Thinking as a business acceleration strategy and want to identify critical areas for attention.  Using Organization Mapping enables executives to:

  • See “the big picture” of their organization in a way that will to elicit new insights
  • Pinpoint challenges and discuss as a team opportunities for organizational performance improvement
  • Define priorities about where in the organization to focus performance investments


Our affiliate, Carol Panza, is a pioneer in organization-level performance and process improvement. Working with us, she conducts interviews with stakeholders to develop a draft organization relationship map and possibly one or more cross-functional process maps.  We then work with senior executives during Organizational Performance Strategy Planning to identify where in the organization investments in performance improvement are likely to produce the most valuable returns, and how.  Managers typically walk away with a list of actionable opportunities for improvement.

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