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Feb 16 2018
YouTube: Leaders & Managers Drive Continuous Talent Development

Here's a recent recording of a presentation that I did virtually for the Hampton Roads, Virginia, chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI).  Click here for the YouTube video .

Dec 04 2017
When Good Enough is Good Enough

This blog post assumes you know about The Performance Chain.  If you don't, check it out for a minute. You'll get it.

Oct 29 2017
We Love Situational Leadership®, but...

Many of our clients use Situational Leadership® programs, based on the popular model to improve the interpersonal skills of leaders and managers. Situational Leadership helps leaders and managers adapt their communication approach with those whose performance they need to support and develop. It’s a powerful program that has helped many leaders and managers communicate more effectively in key working relationships. Like other programs that teach critical interpersonal soft skills, it can have significant impact on how leaders and managers relate with their people.

Oct 03 2017
User Friendly

The phrase, “user friendly” means different things to different people.

Sep 19 2017
2018 Summer Institute: Performance Thinking Acrcoss the Enterprise

The theme for our 9th Annual Six Boxes Summer Institute,  June 17-21 on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle,  will be Performance Thinking Across the Enterprise. 

Aug 31 2017
Continuous Talent Development Through Leaders and Managers

“Beware of managers who stay in their offices!”  

Jul 24 2017
Feedback from The 2017 Six Boxes® Summer Institute


May 09 2017
Performance Coaching: A Different Approach

As we've worked with clients and adapted our Coach-Manage-Lead family of programs for different organizations and participants, we've identified two big differences between our programs and most others that we've seen.

Apr 25 2017
Performance Thinking® Programs Stand the Test of Time

It’s gratifying to know that our models, tools and programs for driving performance improvement across organizations have shown long-term viability, not just “flavor of the month” popularity. They are sustaining over time, and growing.

Mar 20 2017
Sustaining Performance and Continuous Improvement

Our overall theme this year for the 8th Annual Six Boxes® Summer Institute (June 18-22)  will be SUSTAINMENT of performance improvement. Most of the sessions we are planning will explore or unpack issues and methods emerging from Six Boxes Performance Thinking for ensuring long-term return on investments in performance interventions. We'll be talking about sustainment at different levels.

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