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Six Boxes® Performance Thinking is a plain English approach to understanding and improving human performance that can be shared across your organization. By linking what people do to what you want to achieve, and knowing how to support performance cost-effectively, we can help you improve productivity, profitability, and employee engagement at the same time.


Companies are emerging from the worst recession in decades wanting to do more with less, and remain lean while cranking up innovation and employee engagement. This is tough to do if you don’t make changes in how you develop and manage your people.

Using two simple but powerful models —  The Performance Chain and The Six Boxes — and a straightforward logic , we can help you get everyone thinking about performance for higher impact. It doesn’t have to be just for experts anymore. And rather than add cost, you’ll learn how to leverage smart investments in people for the greatest return.

We’re implementing the Six Boxes approach across our global organization. It’s amazing how performance thinking is starting to take hold from our executive team down to front-line managers. We’re seeing a big pay-off in terms of employee satisfaction and manager performance.”

–Director of Organizational Development


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